Another Pixel 3 Leak Confirms Notch and Possible Full Glass Back

As the days loom before Google officially announce the announcement of their next flagship device, the Pixel 3, we have another round of leaks around the web. This time, the image is so convincing that it might be the real deal.

The image shows the front and rear part of the phone. As we initially reported, the device has a notch on top indeed. Aside from this notch, there are no major changes in the design to it’s older brother, the Pixel 2.

But interestingly, another site has cited a rather interesting change in the rear part of the leaked Pixel 3 device. First, the logo behind is not the Google logo. This might raise the notion that the leak is not credible. BUT, remember when Google released an image of their Pixel prototypes? The logo behind those prototypes is the same logo behind the device leaked as the Pixel 3. Not convinced? Check the photo below:

Another interesting observation is that the back of the device is different from what the Pixel 2 has. Remember that the Pixel 2 has a metal back with a glas window on top. The Pixel 3 in the photo below shows a full glass back but with a matte finish in the same area where the Pixel 2 has a metal part. Could this mean that finally, we’re getting a Pixel device that supports wireless charging?? Who knows!

UPDATE: New photos added as of 11:40AM, June 8