Xiaomi’s Black Shark is Here!

Calling all mobile gamers! Black Shark is here!!

Xiaomi recently announced their entry to the “Gaming Phone” segment by introducing their own smartphone under the moniker Black Shark. To date, only the Razer phone is available thru various online reseller in the country. But as of May 15, WidgetCity posted on their official Facebook page that they finally have the Black Share gaming phone from Xiaomi.

As posted, it’ll come in 2 variants, the 64GB which they sell at PHP 31,000 and the 128GB at PHP 36,000. With a PHP 5,000 difference, we highly suggest to just go for the 128GB especially that most mobile games right now occupies a lot of storage in our phones. Notable features also  includes a “liquid-cooling” for better heat management which according to Xiaomi, decreases the general device temperature by 8 degrees celsius, the latest Snapdragon 845, Full HD display, and a whooping 4,000mAh.

We’d like to highlight also that the device, unlike the Razer phone, does have a distinct gaming look which would definitely catch everyone’s eyes. A black and green color combination which identically matches that of Razer makes this device stealthy looking. Refresh rate though is nowhere near to what Razer has introduced to market as Xiaomi didn’t mention that this device supports the eye-candy 120Hz refresh rate.

Specs of the Black Shark below for reference:

Will you be purchasing one? Is the market for gaming-centric phones really mature enough here in the Philippines for Xiaomi or Razer to capture? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.