ASUS may announce a device with a 2nd Screen in place of the TouchPad

ScreenPad Apps is reporting that a series of app extensions have been discovered in the Microsoft Store, leading back to a device from ASUS that has a Screen instead of touchpad (called Screenpad), or perhaps a screen with 2 devices instead (Given that the images in the Microsoft store are in FHD resolution instead of a smaller one (fit for a touchpad).



The extensions are for a device called the “ScreenPad” and it may be the name for the 2nd device or be the name of the TouchPad turned into a screen. We highly doubt that the screen will be FHD as the images in Microsoft’s store are kept as.


There are extensions for Spotify, Microsoft Office programs and even Youtube. We have no further details as to how they work or if you can extend your screen on the device or simply act as a 2nd User Interface independent of the main screen.

Further, the extensions detail some drivers for a discreet GPU like a GTX970 GPU (Which could translate to a GTX1050 or GTX1050ti). While there are not much details to go on from here though, we believe that there are 2 ways this can go.

If this is an ASUS only feature, it may see limited support. But if this happens to be a NEW Windows feature for a Holiday Season update that Microsoft will be heavily pushing and may see more devices adopt the feature.

As for the device itself, it’s reminiscent of ASUS’ Zenbook UX430.

The ScreenPad was first discovered by BlogItalia.