Sony 3D creator allows you to take lifelike 3D selfies

A few days ago, Sony issued an update to its 3D creator app for it’s premium XZ series. Once you install it, you get access to a lot of new features for sharing to social media and the best one is the ability to create 3D selfies and share them on your facebook or others.

You can even 3D print them for a mould of your own to keep, if that’s your thing. The detail that it can take based on the video below is uncanny and that’s thanks to the ability to take them in 4K resolution – allowing for greater realism.

It’s not limited to just your face though as you can take 3D images of any objects like food or pets to make those instagram or fb posts more shareworth!

Check out the video below to check out what’s new in 3D Creator 2.0.