Samsung files patent for a device with a “notch” has dug up a patent filed by Samsung just last March 30th for a device with the highly-talked about “notch”. The notch is one of the most talked about topics in the mobile sphere in the last few months after most of the world’s major phone manufacturers have released their iterations of flagships with the loved-hated notch. Only Sony and Samsung remain to be some of the biggest names which haven’t released one yet.

While patent applications don’t necessarily mean that a product of that design will eventually be commercially produced, it’s a sign that Samsung is playing with the idea – perhaps maybe to see how it can improve it.

This leads us to a 2nd patent filed by Samsung that reveals a device with a 99% screen-to-body ratio. It’s impressive to think about it but it’s exciting to know that Samsung is not just all about copying trends but out to prove to the world while it’s the #1 Mobile brand.

Nevertheless, we can’t wait for what Samsung is to announce in the coming months. While this is exciting, however, most information roaming the internet almost confirm that Samsung’s next flagship – the Note 9 – will NOT have a notch. It’ll still make use of Samsung’s Infinity display – which we feel is still gorgeous. Not to say that a notch makes phone look awful but how a phone can stand out and be worth taking a look at in 2018 – The Year of the notch – is something not a lot of brands can do. Samsung, can.