Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2018

Every year, LaptopMag publishes it’s ranking of Best Laptop brands via points from different categories including Reviews, Design, Support/Warranty, Innovation and Value Selection.

Here is their 2018 Rankings:


Lenovo retained it’s top rank for a 2nd year in a row but it was a very close fight versus HP who was just 1 point shy of them.


Lenovo had better reviews but HP had better Value and Selection. HP was actually 4th place last year.


Microsoft had the biggest jump up from 9th place to 4th for their great performance on Surface Pro and Surface books.


Surprisingly, Apple slid from 5th place to 7th, after losing in on Innovation points while MSI slides down to a very low 9th place losing points due to very weak support.


They do get good points on design though.


Apart from Apple and MSI, ASUS also slid down 2 points losing out on Innovation but scores a perfect 15/15 for the Design Category and Value and Selection.


Acer is tied with ASUS at Rank 4 due to great reviews on their Gaming products, a wide array of Value products but loses out on Design points.


Source: LaptopMag