ACERxAVENGERS is Coming Soon!

The highly anticipated movie is coming soon and ACER is right on time in releasing its laptops skinned with the most popular characters of the Infinity War movie. Frankly, we’d love to have had more characters but these 3 alone look dope AF.

We have no confirmation on the specifications or pricing but the Thanos Gaming Laptop is a Nitro5 Sub-Gaming laptop, The Captain America is a performance Aspire 6 Notebook and the Iron Man is one of Acer’s Ultrabooks! (And Oh, The Arc Reactor lights up!!)

Price wise, we expect the Aspire 6 Captain America to be the most affordable while the Thanos Nitro 5 is the most expensive. Based on ACER’s current line up, we would say that the Aspire 6 would be priced around 39,995 to 49,995 while the Nitro5 would start at ATLEAST 69,995. We have mixed feelings on the Iron Man and (maybe it’s because he’s our favourite) we think it should have actually been the most expensive but we estimate the range to be around 45-50K.

NITRO 5 Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Edition 

With the gold hue of his Infinity Gauntlet splashed along the cover, the Mad Titan is a perfect fit for the ferocity of the Nitro 5. Thanos and his Black Order adorn the hairline-brushed surface of the laptop.


ASPIRE 6 Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Captain America Edition

The Captain inspires confidence through the Aspire 6—his star emblazoned onto the aluminum cover in silver and blue. The hairline-brushed texture allows for a more richly-textured depth in the finish.

Iron Man

Swift 3 Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man Edition

Iron Man’s suit allows him to adapt to his needs—and the slim Swift 3 does the same. Done in cherry red and gold, an Arc Reactor (that lights up) is armored with a damage and scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass cover.

Iron Man

We’ll keep you posted for further details!

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