TP-Link announces the new Neffos C7 Lite

TP-Link sub-brand’s new Neffos C7 Lite is an Android Go phone that offers big screen and better signal


Manila, Philippines – July 27, 2019 – Neffos today announced the new Neffos C7 Lite, its second Android Go smartphone after the C5 Plus.


Neffos is a sub-brand of TP-Link, which has been recognized as the world’s leading brand for home Wi-Fi devices for the past eight years. With more than two decades of history, TP-Link has distribution channels and retail partners in over 170 countries and regions. Its products are enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users across the world.


Neffos has also had a history of successfully launching devices that deliver outstanding

all-around performance and value to customers, beginning with its first smartphone announcement in 2015. It recently exhibited at MWC 2019, the world’s biggest mobile-focused technology event, in Barcelona, Spain, with TP-Link’s slogan of “Faster Wi-Fi, Better Signal Phone, Smarter Home.”


Neffos is best known for offering exceptional signal quality in its products, which help owners communicate and connect with others more easily and effectively. Communicating via voice calls or text chats is one of the most important functions of a smartphone, and signal quality is the most essential factor affecting users’ calling and messaging experience. The Neffos C7 Lite will offer the same superior signal quality as previous Neffos handsets.


The C7 Lite adopts a high-performance 4G LTE baseband chip for ultra-fast wireless internet and an anti-electromagnetic interference design to make the network signal stronger, faster and more stable. It likewise uses a high-standard antenna structure, which undergoes testing in a world-class Satimo anechoic chamber that’s completely shielded from all external interference, to ensure better reception, while an ESD test machine at the factory verifies its electrical resistance.


Meanwhile, the Neffos C7 Lite has a nicely designed and solidly built body that fits well in the hand and is particularly pleasant to hold. Its relatively compact size is perfect for one-handed use, and the slightly contoured display glass and rounded sides allow for easier handling. The phone’s earpiece speaker and mic are optimized for call quality as well.


Most smartphone owners want a large and beautiful display, and as such, the Neffos C7 Lite flaunts a 5.45-inch Full View Display with a tall 18:9 aspect ratio. This taller screen is pleasing to look at and provides a superior viewing experience, whether one is checking social media, watching movies, or gaming. Having a bigger screen also means typing becomes easier and reading long texts, more comfortable.


For a fast and fluid user experience, enhanced security features, as well as lighter system updates and app downloads, the Neffos C7 Lite will ship with Android Go out of the box. Android Go is the lightweight version of Android, the most popular operating system for mobile devices.


Smartphones running Android Go can open apps 15 percent faster than their non-Go counterparts. Further, their core apps take up less space in the built-in storage, so users will be able to install more apps and files offline in the Neffos C7 Lite’s 16GB memory. If more space is needed, the phone has a memory-card slot that can handle cards with up to 128GB of storage.


For taking pictures, there’s an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus on the back and a 5-megapixel front-facing option for selfies. The main camera captures images and video with incredible detail and colors, so users never miss a moment with the people who matter most. Camera modes such as HDR, Burst, and Panorama make sure they can take the best possible shot in different scenarios without the need for any extra equipment or third-party editing software.


Additionally, the Neffos C7 Lite boasts a Beautification Mode that can cover up imperfections while highlighting all the user’s natural features with varying degrees of intensity when taking a selfie. The front camera also has a Selfie Flash feature, which uses the screen to brighten up the face if the surroundings are too dark.


Neffos C7 Lite is priced for PHP 3,490 and expect it to be available in the Philippine retail market soon