1TB SSD is so 2018. In 2019, 100TB is IN!

Yes, you read that right. If you were impressed with Seagate launching a 30TB SSD for businesses in a 2.5inch form factor, or Samsung announcing 4TB for consumers – be prepared to have your mind blown!

Albeit in a 3.5inch form factor, the ExaDrive from Nimbus Data is the first of it’s kind and the fastest high capacity drive available for servers today. Why anyone needs 100TB with SSD speeds in a consumer sphere is beyond us but folks who operate servers and clouds definitely need this kinda of speed + capacity to run everything smooth and efficiently. Besides, with less moving parts, SSDs should be less prone to hardware failure versus their HDD counterparts.

Puting that in perspective, that’a over 100 laptops worth of data in 1 drive. Now, Imagine having that kind of storage and agility with you. You could basically store 20million songs or 20,000 1080P movies inside it and host your own cloud!

No pricing has yet been released but the company will also be offering a 50TB version if 100TB is too much for you.