We’re giving away 50 VOUCHERS to TechTite Katipunan!

We published a story about our experience in Techtite katipunan and went on to also give you a video walkthrough of their VIP area, powered by ROG!

But what’s the best way to experience what we’ve experience than to give out free trials, right?

Now, that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

For this raffle, we’re raffling off 50 vouchers for FREE 1 HOUR OF GAMEPLAY to 50 lucky winners!

The Mechanics are simple:

  1. Like KantoTech on Facebook
  2. Like TechTite Katipunan on Facebook
  3. Share this post/article on your Facebook wall and invite your friends with the Hashtag #KANTOTECHxTECHTITE
  4. Wait for the announcement of the winners at one of our livestreams at the end of February!

Simple, right? Go! Share the love.