The Best of Samsung Galaxy S10+ and S10

Right now is exactly 3:30 am GMT+8, and we are happy to announce to you hands on review and first impression of the new Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10: Overview and Features

We meet the Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 with our wide open. We are currently very impressed with Samsung Galaxy S10 new maximized infinity display, their True vision-multi-camera display at total of five cameras for the Galaxy S10+, the all new intelligent performance, and the next generation wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 series: Maximized Infinity Display

The Galaxy S10 series has three variants, which are the Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10e. Their display size varies respectively at 6,4”, 6.1” and 5.8”. The display provided by all three smartphones never ceases to amaze us. Including their all new dynamic AMOLED display, helping you see better in daylight environment.

We do have some mix feelings here. We may seem to think that Samsung did a good job by removing the notch itself. But as we see with our first impression, they seem to have just moved the notch inside the screen located at the top right side of your screen. It is the same bothersome feeling that you will have when you have used the iPhone X for the first time with their notch on top. This is the same first time feeling that we have with the iPhone X when it was first launched.

The good side? The screen is now at 90% body ratio, but the down side is that there is an obstruction on the screen itself. When viewing photos, although there is a small black spot on the top right corner of the screen, the images are still viewable in some way. We would also like to call this blockage a circular pixel block. We see that this circular pixel block is located in the middle of the screen, the usability of the overall screen itself is actually less usable. An example of which case are the notification icon. Due to the circular pixel block on the right screen, there is no way that you can display text or notification beside the circular pixel block itself, thus reducing the overall display of your notifications.   

Galaxy S10 series: True Vision Camera Display

Most manufactures seems to be adding more and more camera. From a single camera, to dual camera, to triple camera, now they have a total of five cameras for the Galaxy S10+. Since two years ago, when major mobile phone players has been using Sony’s sensors in their cameras, picture quality for mobile phone has greatly improved. We believe it’s just another camera improvement and nothing more. But we would like to comment that it was good to add the telephoto feature in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series. This is a great way for common people like get a better portrait shot, by taking advantage of the depth of field for blurred backgrounds.

Leak Specification of Galaxy S10 Series

Galaxy S10 series: Intelligent Performance

Samsung just announced today they are using a new chip, which dye size is only at 8 nanometer. This is currently by far the smallest we have seen so far. Since this unit is still a marketing sample unit, the processor is still unknown, but we are looking to another Exynos breakthrough. For the other intelligent performance, Samsung has managed to remove the hardware fingerprint scanner, and has integrated it into the screen itself. Samsung is not the first of its kind, but we are very happy that Samsung Galaxy S10 do have that feature.

One key note to highlight here is that the battery differs from each model. The Battery differences in order for Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10e is 4,100mah, 3,400mah, and 3,100mah respectively.

Wireless Charging Solution for Galaxy Series Ecosystem (Wireless Charging Power Bank, and Wireless Charger)

Galaxy S10 series: Next Generation Wireless

The best thing that we really like about Samsung Galaxy series it the Samsung environment. Most of their devices are unique and is within Samsung Ecosystem. All the Samsung Galaxy S10 series have the Qi Charging feature that let’s each other device charge each other. Options such as placing the headset at the back of your Samsung Galaxy S10 series smart phone to charge your Galaxy buds, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fit-E, Galaxy watch active, or even charge another Samsung Galaxy S10 when your short for another plug charger.

Galaxy S10: The Verdict

Giving you the best dynamic AMOLED screen with your new Galaxy S10 series, we are happy to announce the prices of these phones. Galaxy S10+ 1Tb limited edition ceramic black @89,990, Galaxy S10+ 512GB @55,990, Galaxy S10 @49,990 and Galaxy S10e @39,990. Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be available in your favorite stores by March 8, 2019.