Samsung Philippines is already taking early pre-orders of the S10 series.

Well, not exactly.

They seem to be doing a survey but instead of 3 devices, they’re asking end users to choose from 4. Could this be the rumored Beyond X phone? Or could it just be a limited edition color + the rumored 12G +1TB ram/storage combo?

What’s weird though is that all the details are complete except for the final design, spec and price.

Here’s the initial page.

Here’s the choices:

From the choices, Our buest guess is the following:

  • A: S10+ 5G with 12G ram and 1TB storage
  • B: S10+
  • C: S10
  • D: S10E

What do you think?

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Some users were able to sucessfully complete their pre-orders already and saw the pre-order freebies.

Images from Facebook user Caine.

Check out the pre-order here.