A black box arrived! Guess what’s inside and win a Gigabyte Aorus shirt.

We’re set to do our weekly weekend livestream this February 9th, 2019, Saturday – featuring the Aorus Rtx2070 Gaming box and was thinking of what else to talk about for this upcoming Valentines’ season when suddenly a black box arrived at our doorstep!

Aorus RTX2070 Gaming Box

We asked the delivery guy what was inside and he mentioned 3 specific items that made us all giddy and excited for February 9 to come soon so we can share it with you guys!

Till then, we’ll hold off on unwrapping the black box so you guys can share in the excitement and, as a plus, we’ll raffle off a LIMITED EDITION AORUS SHIRT to those who can complete the following mechanics:

  1. Like KantoTech in Facebook.
  2. Comment what you think is inside this box in the comments section and then tag 3 friends to join.
  3. Share this post and invite your friends to join this contest and use the hashtag #KantoTechAorusRaffle
  4. Watch the livestream on February 9th, 2019 and leave a comment because the winner has to be present during the raffle to win!

That’s it! Remember, you only need to get 1 correct item from the 3 inside the box to be valid for the draw!

See you on February 9!