HyperX announces 2019 “We’re All Gamers” campaign, NBA tie-ups

HyperX, a fast-growing brand for gaming peripherals, recently announced their massive advertising campaign “We’re All Gamers”, which will be featured in all forms of media – print, TV, digital – throughout 2019; and will also be featured in NBA games and shows. This campaign highlights the diversity of their current crop of global influencers, which include:

NBA Players: Joel Imbiid, Gordon Hayward, De’Aaron Fox

NFL Players: Juju Smith Schuster

Professional Gamers: Rush (CS:GO), Daigo (Street Fighter)

Streamers: Shroud, Pokimane

Musician/Gamer: Post Malone

Massively excited for this!

As mentioned, HyperX will be the new sponsor of NBA Saturday Primetime, and the “We’re All Gamers” campaign will have television spots in the US from January 19 until the NBA Finals on ABC and ESPN. HyperX branding will also be included in timeouts within the games (not yet sure how this will be executed), and ESPN Sportscenter will also include some branding of HyperX.

HyperX is aiming big – and will integrate digital into all their campaign efforts. Here’s one of their first videos, which include Joel Embiid, Post Malone, Shroud, and Gordon Hayward. Looks pretty awesome!

According to HyperX:

HyperX is a champion of all gamers. It doesn’t matter if they play on console or PC, are NBA or NFL athletes, popular streamers or eSport professionals, or are even music icons – the thrill of gaming is what truly unites them all, and HyperX helps them game at their best. The integrated global We’re All Gamers campaign in 2019 is expected to be the first of many new activities in promoting the HyperX brand to consumer and lifestyle audiences.

HyperX can be found on:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/kingstonhyperx
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hyperxcommunity
Twitter: http://twitter.com/hyperx
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/164609?trk=tyah
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+kingston/posts