RGB Cables have arrived in the Philippines and, Yes, you can buy them right now.

2018 was the year of RGB. No doubt about it.

There are very few items left in the PC market that have yet to receive the RGB treatment, with cables being the only one we believed will never receive it.

Boy, were we wrong.

Introducing the Lian Li Strimer RGB Cables, coming in 2 variants – a 24pin to power your motherboard and an 8-pin to power your GPU.

If you think that ends there, think again as an rgb sata cable is also in the works.

While the cables themselves are not RGB, they are a translucent kind of colorway with a snap on rgb tubes that glow and reflect on the translucent actual cables. It’s a crude way to get RGB workiny on cables but, hey, it works and Lian Li is proud of themselves for it.

It doesn’t give you any gaming advantages, and we’re not sure they’re all very pleasing but it’s sure to rock a lot of people’s boats!

Here’s the good news for those who want it:

It’s now available at PC HUB but as one would expect, it comes at a price.

The 24pin cable is priced at P2300, while the 8pin is priced at 1690. At those prices, you can already buy a nice set of braided cables but then, again, it’s a niche market and you’ll end up being the envy of your RGB loving friends as these are limited in stock as has not reached mainstream status!

You can connect the rgb lighting to a lighting module or directly to your motherboards rgb headers if you’ve got extra. For us, we’ll stick to Fans and rams for RGB for now.

Stay tuned though as we’ll buy one ourselves just to test it out and maybe raffle it off to one of our viewers so make sute you follow our page for updates at facebook.com/Kantotech.