Asus ROG Phone Peripherals Package Leaked! (with pricing!)

ROG Phone

ROG Phone Gaming Centre |

ROG Phone Gaming Centre |

The ROG phone is the upcoming gaming phone of Asus’ gaming brand Republic of Gamers (ROG). We’ve previously teased the ROG phone here , and when the specs were finally released, it definitely did not disappoint. The ROG phone is one of the most anticipated phones in 2018, and it’s still definitely one of the most powerful.

ROG Phone in TwinView Dock |

We recently stumbled upon the suitcase that includes all the ROG phone peripherals – and it’s definitely the biggest phone packaging we’ve seen. It comes with all the ROG phone peripherals – including the Aeroactive Cooler, Twinview Dock, Mobile Desktop Dock, Professional Dock, WiGig Dock, the especially handy Gamevice, and the ROG phone case. It’s a monstrous package, to say the least, and the total pricing is around USD1,799 (including the phone itself, rumored to cost around 999USD on it’s own, putting the value of the accessories at an average of 110USD each).

So, are you willing to pay USD 1,799 for the most expensive peripherals package ever?