Could this be the Philippine Retail Price of the ROG Phone?


When ASUS launched the ROG Phone yesterday, as expected, everyone went wild. Everyone is already looking for a demo unit in-store, where could they buy, and the most asked question: HOW MUCH IS THE ROG PHONE?

ROG Phone |
ROG Phone |

We were browsing different websites for any possible price leak and we stumbled upon an online group which might bring light to the possible price of the ROG Phone. First of all, let’s set the tone that this device might be considered as a super flagship device due to the plethora of features it brings to the table which, if not the first, is very unique and rare compared to what we have in the market. To balance out also, we also think that price is the MOST CRITICAL part of the success of the device especially here in the Philippines being one of the most price-sensitive market. Though it delivers superb specs and features which outperforms the competition, we have to remember that this phone is the first venture of ROG in this category, though Zenfone has been in the mobile phone business for a few years already, technically, this is the first ROG phone per se.

Setting aside all these considerations, let’s look at the possible ROG Phone pricing (in HKD) directly converted to PHP without tax considerations:

8GB + 128GB HK $7,198 ₱ 49,995
8GB + 512GB HK $8,498 ₱ 59,995
8GB + 512GB
(with ALL Accessories)
HK $12,398 ₱ 89,995 Price & Config Leak for the ROG Phone (in Mandarin) Price & Config Leak for the ROG Phone (Translated by Google in English)

Do take this with a grain of salt since there are really no official prices announced yet. Note also that the prices above are rounded up and with no tax considerations yet. Though prices may appear very steep especially the last 2 configurations specified, we’re not yet sure that all of those will be entering the Philippine market very soon.

Share us your idea and comments in this possible pricing. Will you be copping one once ASUS Philippines release this here in the country?