Lenovo will have its own Bezel-less phone!

Though Lenovo’s popularity here in the Philippines for the smartphone segment has faded out due to the overpowering presence of other Chinese brand like Oppo & Vivo, their mobile business continues in other parts of the world including their home country, China.

A press invite has been floating around the web that they’ll hold a media event in Beijing, China on June 5 where they’re expected to launch their next bezel-less phone, the Z5.

No specs are leaked about the device but we do know that the Lenovo Z5 will boast a 95% screen-to-body ratio.

On side note, you may remember that Vivo also introduced their concept phone in MWC last February, the Vivo Apex, boasting a 90% screen-to-body ratio. They are expected to launch their retail model of this concept phone this June 2018.

But don’t get your hopes up everyone as you may know, Lenovo’s mobile category here in the Philippines is not so active lately so we’re not sure yet that they will bring this model here in the country. Same goes for Vivo who doesn’t confirm any availability of the upcoming retail version of the Apex phone.

Looks like 2018 may be the birth year of the true bezel-less phone. With the spearhead of Vivo & Lenovo, we could expect more with the other industry-leading brands such as Samsung & Apple. Exciting days ahead!