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ACERAN515-42-R8HN NITRO 5 R5 25004GB DDR41TB4GB RX 560X15.6" FHD IPS39999
ACERAN515-42-R970 NITRO 5R5 25004GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB RX 560X15.6" FHD IPS41999
MSIGV62 7RC -415PHi5 7300HQ4GB DDR41TB2GB MX15015.6" FHD IPS42995
ASUSX560UD-BQ011T i5 8250U4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS42995
ASUSFX504GD-E4423T Black i5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS43995
ASUSFX505DY-AL026T SEMI-EXCLUSIVER5 35504GB DDR41TB4GB RX56015.6" FHD 120Hz44995
ASUSFX505DY-AL080T BlackR5 35004GB DDR41TB4GB RX56015.6" FHD 120Hz44995
ASUSFX505DD-AL127T Gun MetalR5 35504GB DDR41TB3GB GTX105015.6" FHD 120Hz45995
LENOVOIDEAPAD 330-15ICH 81FK0034PH Blki5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS47495
LENOVOIDEAPAD 330-15ICH 81FK0035PH Gryi5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS47495
MSIGV62 8RC -240PHi5 8300H4GB DDR41TB2GB GTX105015.6" HD48995
ASUSX560UD-BQ503Ti5 8250U4GB DDR41TB+ 256SSD4GB GTX105015.6" FHD49995
ASUSFX503VD-E4099Ti5 7300HQ4GB DDR41TB SSH4GB GTX105015.6" FHD49995
DELLG3 15 3579 Blacki5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS49995
DELLG3 15 3579 Bluei5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS49995
DELLG3 15 3579 Whitei5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS49995
LENOVOIDEAPAD L340 81LK003MPHi5 9300H8GB DDR41TB4GB GTX165015.6" FHD IPS49995
ACERAN515-54-53RNi5 9300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX165015.6" FHD49995
ACERAN515-42-R00YR7 2700U4GB DDR41TB4GB RX 560X15.6" FHD49995
ASUSFX505DT-AL250TR5 35508GB DDR41TB4GB GTX165015.6" FHD 120Hz51995
MSIGF63 8RC -206PH Red Backlit KBi5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS52995
LENOVOY530-15ICH 81FV016RPH LEGION i5 8300H8GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS53995
ASUSFX503VM-E4200T Black i5 7300HQ8GB DDR41TB6GB GTX106015.6" FHD54995
MSIGF63 8RD -092PH Red Backlit KB i5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS SlimBz56995
ASUSFX504GE-EN284T TUF EXCLUSIVEi5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD 120Hz56995
LENOVOIDEAPAD 330-17ICH 81FL004VPH Blki7 8750H4GB OB1TB+ 16GB Optane4GB GTX105017.3" FHD IPS59995
ACERAN515-52-56HJ NITRO 5 Shale Blacki5 8300H4GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS59995
ACERAN515-52-56Y5 NITRO 5i5 8300H4GB DDR41TB+ 16GB Optane4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS59995
MSIGF63 9SC -092PH Red Backlit KBi5 9300H4GB DDR4256SSD4GB GTX165015.6" FHD IPS59995
LENOVOIDEAPAD L340 81LK0047PHi7 9750H8GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX165015.6" FHD IPS59995
ACERAN515-54-560E NITRO 5i5 9300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX165015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms59999
ACERPH315-51-538G PREDATOR HELIOS 300i5 8300H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS62999
ACERPH315-51-539B PREDATOR HELIOS 300i5 8300H4GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS 144Hz64995
LENOVOY540-15IRH 81SY0023PH LEGIONi5 9300H8GB DDR4512SSD4GB GTX165015.6" FHD IPS64995
MSIGL63 8RE -819PHi5 8300H4GB DDR41TB6GB GTX106015.6" FHD IPS64995
LENOVOY520-15IKB 80WK010QPH LEGIONi7 7700HQ8GB DDR4 (8*1)256SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS65995
DELLG5 5590 Blacki5 8300H8GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS66990
DELLG5 5590 Whitei5 8300H8GB DDR41TB + 128SSD4GB GTX1050ti15.6" FHD IPS66990
ASUSFX505GE-AL344T Black SEMI-EXCLUSIVE i7 8750H8GB DDR41TB+ 16GB Optane4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD 120Hz66995
ASUSFX504GM-E4373T TUF Plastic i5 8300H8GB DDR41TB+ 8SSHD6GB GTX106015.6" FHD IPS66995
ASUSFX504GM-E4373T TUF Plastic i5 8300H8GB DDR41TB+ 8SSHD6GB GTX106015.6" FHD IPS66995
HP15-DC0100TX OMEN Shadow Blacki7 8750H8GB DDR41TB4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS67990
MSIGF63 8RD -481PH Red Backlit KB w/ Silver Liningi7 8750H4GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS SlimBz69995
ACERAN515-52-77HVi7 8750H8GB DDR41TB+ 16GB Optane4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS69995
ACERAN515-54-79FV NITRO 5i7 9750H4GB DDR41TB4GB GTX165015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms69995
MSIGF63 THIN 9SC -090PH Red Backlit KBi7 9750H4GB DDR4256SSD4GB GTX1650 MaxQ15.6" FHD IPS69995
ASUSFX505GM-ES053T TUF i5 8300H8GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD6GB GTX106015.6" FHD 144Hz7ms69995
MSIGL63 8SD -460PH Red Backlit KB w/ Silver Liningi5 8300H4GB DDR4256SSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD IPS69995
ACERAN515-52-70GL NITRO 5i7 8750H8GB DDR4 (4*2)1TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS69999
DELLG7 15 7588 Black i7 8750H8GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS71490
LENOVOY530-15ICH 81FV004EPH LEGIONi7 8750H8GBDDR4 (8*1)2TB+ 16GB Optane4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS71995
ASUSFX505DU-AL004TR7 37508GB DDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD 120Hz71995
HP15-DC0094TX OMENi7 8750H8GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX105015.6" FHD IPS72995
MSIGF63 8RD -090PH Red Backlit KB i7 8750H8GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS SlimBz72995
LENOVOY530-15ICH 81FV006SPH LEGIONi7 8750H8GBDDR4 (8*1)1TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS72995
MSIGF75 8RD -212PH Red Backlit KB SEMI-EXCLUSIVEi7 8750H8GB DDR4256SSD4GB GTX1050Ti17.3" FHD IPS74995
ASUSFX505GE-ES016T TUF Metal i7 8750H8GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD 144Hz7ms74995
ASUSFX505GM-AL289T Black EXCLUSIVEi7 8750H8GB DDR41TB6GB GTX106015.6" FHD 120Hz74995
ASUSFX705DU-AU007TR7 37508GB DDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB GTX1660Ti17.3" FHD IPS74995
ACERAN715-51-58X1 NITRO 7i5 9300H4GB DDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD 144Hz3ms74995
ACERPH315-51-766A PREDATOR HELIOS 300i7 8750H8GB DDR41TB4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS77995
MSIGF75 THIN 9SC -074PH Red Backlit KBi7 9750H8GB DDR4256SSD4GB GTX165017.3" FHD IPS79995
ASUSG531GT-AL001T STRIX Gi7 9750H8GB DDR41TB+ 256SSD4GB GTX165015.6" FHD 120Hz79995
HP15-DC0095TX OMENi7 8750H8GB DDR41TB3GB GTX106015.6" FHD82990
DELLG5 5590 Blacki7 8750H8GB DDR41TB+ 256SSD4GB GTX1050Ti15.6" FHD IPS82990
DELLG5 5590 Whitei7 8750H8GB DDR41TB + 256SSD4GB GTX1050ti15.6" FHD IPS82990
ASUSGA502DU-AL031T ZEPHYRUS GR7 375016GB (8*2)512SSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD 120Hz84995
MSIGP63 LEOPARD 8RE -802PHi7 8750H8GB DDR41TB6GB GTX106015.6" FHD IPS87995
ACERPH315-51-7308 PREDATOR HELIOS 300i7 8750H8GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD6GB GTX106015.6" FHD 144Hz89995
MSIGL63 8SD -409PHi7 8750H8GB DDR4256SSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD IPS89995
ACERAN715-51-786X NITRO 7i7 9750H8GB DDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD 144Hz3ms89995
LENOVOY540-15IRH 81SX0035PH LEGIONi7 9750H8GB DDR41TBSSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD IPS89995
ASUSG531GU-AL001T STRIX G w/ LIGHTBARi7 9750H8GB DDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD 120Hz92995
DELLG7 15 7588 Black i7 8750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)1TB+ 256SSD6GB GTX1060 Max Q15.6" FHD IPS93990
DELLG7 15 7588 White i7 8750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)1TB + 256SSD6GB GTX1060 Max Q15.6" FHD IPS93990
DELLG5 5590 Blacki7 8750H8GB DDR41TB+ 128SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD IPS97999
DELLG5 5590 Whitei7 8750H8GB DDR41TB + 128SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD IPS97999
MSIGS65 STEALTH 9SD -490PHi7 9750H8GB DDR4256SSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD 144Hz99995
MSIGL63 8SE -089PH Red Backlit KBi7 8750H8GB DDR41TB6GB RTX206015.6" FHD IPS99995
MSIGL63 8SE -408PH Red Backlit KB w/ Silver Liningi7 8750H8GB DDR4512SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD IPS99995
LENOVOY540-15IRH 81SX0036PH LEGIONi7 9750H16GBDDR41TBSSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD IPS 144Hz99995
ASUSGL504GM-ES339T i7 8750H16GBDDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB GTX106015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms104995
ASUSGM501GM-EI003T ZEPHYRUS M i7 8750H16GBDDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB GTX106015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms109995
ASUSGU502GU-ES015T ZEPHYRUS Mi7 9750H16GB DDR4512SSD6GB GTX1660Ti15.6" FHD 144Hz3ms109995
ASUSGL504GV-ES016T HERO i7 8750H16GBDDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms114995
ASUSGX531GM-ES007T ZEPHYRUS S i7 8750H16GBDDR4512SSD PCIEx46GB GTX106015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms119995
ASUSGX531GM-ES034T ZEPHYRUS S i7 8750H16GBDDR4512SSD PCIEx26GB GTX106015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms119995
MSIGE75 RAIDER 9SE -608PHi7 9750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)1TB+ 256SSD6GB RTX206017.3" FHD 144Hz3ms119995
ASUSGL704GV-EV002T SCAR i7 8750H16GBDDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB RTX206017.3" FHD 144Hz3ms119995
LENOVOY740-15ICHG 81HE007MPH LEGION Raven Black [Corsair RGB]i7 8750H16GBDDR41TB+ 256SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD IPS 144Hz119995
ASUSG531GV-ES138T STRIX III SCARi7 9750H16GB DDR41TB+ 512SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms124995
ASUSG531GV-ES139T STRIX III HEROi7 9750H16GB DDR41TB + 512SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms124995
ASUSGX502GV-ES032T ZEPHYRUS Si7 9750H16GB DDR41TB SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms124995
ACERPT515-51-78HH PREDATOR TRITONi7 8750H16GBDDR4512SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD 144Hz129995
DELLG7 15 7588 Gray RGB Keyboardi7 8750H16GB DDR4512SSD8GB RTX2070 Max-Q15.6" FHD IPS 144Hz135990
MSIGS65 STEALTH 8SE -268PHi7 8750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)256SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD 144Hz139995
MSIGS65 STEALTH 9SE -495PH PER KEY RGBi7 9750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)512SSD6GB RTX206015.6" FHD 240Hz139995
ASUSGX701GV-EV004T ZEPHYRUSi7 8750H16GBDDR4512SSD6GB RTX206017.3" FHD 144Hz3ms139995
ASUSGL504GW-ES013T SCAR i7 8750H16GBDDR41TB+ 256SSD8GB RTX207015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms139995
ASUSGL704GW-EV006T SCAR i7 8750H16GBDDR41TB+ 256SSD8GB RTX207017.3" FHD 144Hz3ms144995
MSIGE75 RAIDER 8SF -067PHi7 8750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)1TB+ 256SSD8GB RTX207017.3" FHD 144Hz3ms149995
ASUSG531GW-ES190T STRIX III SCARi7 9750H16GBDDR41TB+ 512SSD8GB RTX207015.6" FHD 144Hz3ms149995
ASUSGX501GI-EI004T ZEPHYRUS i7 8750H24GBDDR4 (16G+8G)1TBSSD8GB GTX1080 MAX Q15.6" FHD 144Hz3ms159995
MSIGE75 RAIDER 9SF -606PHi7 9750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)1TB+ 512SSD8GB RTX207017.3" FHD 144Hz3ms159995
ASUSGX502GW-AZ055T ZEPHYRUS Si7 9750H16GBDDR41TBSSD8GB RTX207015.6" FHD 240Hz159995
ASUSGX701GWR-EV028T ZEPHYRUS Gi7 9750H16GBDDR41TBSSD8GB RTX207017.3" FHD 144Hz3ms169995
ASUSG531GW-AZ192T STRIX III SCARi9 9880K16GBDDR41TBSSD8GB RTX207015.6" FHD 240Hz169995
ACERPT515-51-79A6 PREDATOR TRITONi7 8750H32GBDDR4 (16*2)512SSD8GB RTX207015.6" FHD 144Hz169999
MSIGS65 8SF STEALTH -028PH RGB w/ Silver Lining i7 8750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)512SSD8GB RTX207015.6" FHD 144Hz7ms175995
MSIGS75 8SF STEALTH -214PH i7 8750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)512SSD8GB RTX207017.3" FHD 144Hz7ms179995
MSIGS65 STEALTH 9SF -494PH PER KEY RGBi7 9750H16GBDDR4 (8*2)1TBSSD8GB RTX207015.6" FHD 240Hz179995
ASUSGX701GX-EV048T ZEPHYRUS X i7 8750H24GBDDR41TBSSD8GB RTX208017.3" FHD 144Hz3ms199995
ACERPT515-51-72EL PREDATOR TRITONi7 8750H32GBDDR4 (16*2)512SSD8GB RTX208015.6" FHD 144Hz199999
MSIGE75 RAIDER 9SG -605PHi7 9750H32GBDDR4 (16*2)1TB+ 512SSD8GB RTX208017.3" FHD 144Hz209995
ASUSGX701GXR-EV026T ZEPHYRUSi7 9750H32GBDDR41TBSSD8GB RTX208017.3" FHD IPS 144Hz209995
MSIGS65 STEALTH 9SG - 493PH PER KEY RGBi7 9750H32GBDDR4 (16*2)512SSD*28GB RTX2080 MaxQ15.6" FHD 240Hz229995
MSIGS75 8SG -012PHi7 8750H32GBDDR4 (16*2)512SSD *28GB RTX2080 MaxQ17.3" FHD 144Hz3ms239995
MSIGT75 TITAN 8SG -050PHi7 8750H32GBDDR4 (16*2)1TB+ 512SSD8GB RTX208017.3" UHD 4K IPS269995
MSIGT75 TITAN DT 9SG -298PH RGB PER KEYi7 9750H32GBDDR4 (16*2)1TB+ 1TBSSD8GB RTX208017.3" UHD 4K IPS279995
ASUSGZ700GX-EV002T MOTHERSHIPi9 9980K64GBDDR41TBSSD8GB RTX208017.3" FHD 144Hz3ms379995
ASUSGZ700GX-AD028T MOTHERSHIPi9 9980K64GBDDR41TBSSD8GB RTX208017.3" UHD 4K 60Hz399995
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  • All laptops in this list come with genuine Windows 10 OS.
  • Prices quoted are valid for 12 months Installment with 0% Interest by Credit card.
  • Not all stores accept Credit Card. Please contact your nearest store to verify.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • Prices of resellers nationwide may differ by area or by spec.
  • Prices of resellers are to be followed over this list.

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